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Microsoft Power Platform

low code Developer Power summit

May 25th 2024

Power Platform Low Code Power Summit 2024

Microsoft Power Platform

low code Developer summit

May 25th 2024

Power Platform Low Code Power Summit 2024

Whos Attending
Power Summit

Power Summit is a free Power Platform Community Conference for you and your staff to learn low code development & A.I. to solve your organisational challenges. The training sessions are delivered by world leading experts in low code power platform development sharing insights and tips to help you succeed with digital transformation. Power Summit aims to demystify the complexities of enterprise processes and Power Platform development using fun & creative learning techniques inspired from lego and star wars to provide a fun day of insight driven learning for technology professionals.

System Users, Employees & Students

Whether you are an employee  looking to improve productivity, or an analyst trying to streamline processes. Power community  has helped over 30,000 folks just like you to launch your careers into I.T. and succeed within the Microsoft Power Platform.

IT Administrators

Your responsibility of managing the ever evolving cloud infrastructure, ensuring users and data security is maintained whilst firefighting incidents to keep your business operations running .

Developers , Makers & Master Builders

Whether you are just getting started as a developer or you are a seasoned developer you will learn the dark arts to get your solutions working o the first attemps!

Solution Architects

If you are responsible for designing  and orchestrating your organisations enterprise solutions, improving process efficiencies, security and development ALM standards 

CEO's & Project Managers

Responsible for making the strategic decisions that will have long term consequences for all your customers and employees is not a task for the faint hearted. You will get the insights you need to make the most well informed strategic decisions on your transformation strategy. 

500 free tickets

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Our Microsoft Sponsors are key event partners that enable us to make this conference free to you  

Power Summit Agenda
25th May 2024

The Low Code Power Summit Agenda will be focused on addressing how to deliver low code enterprise solutions with a particular emphasis on Power Platform Development, ALM  and Enterprise Transformation. 

Venue: Microsoft London, 2 Kingdom St, Paddington, London W2 6BD

TimeSpeakerSessions TitleDescription
09:00 Microsoft Keynote 

Peter Ruiter

It takes a village to deliver successful Power Platform projects with Hands On Change Management 

This session unveils a strategic approach that harmonizes Prosci Change Management methodologies with the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform. With real-world insights and actionable strategies, this lecture bridges the gap between technology and human dynamics. Power Platform projects involve not just technology, but also the people who will use, interact with, and be impacted by the technology. Prosci Change Management enhances the success of Power Platform projects by addressing the human element


Ahmad Najjar

Building Lego-style Business Applications with Power Automate

You could consider using Power Automate to automate workflows across various apps and SaaS services in countless scenarios, but what if you plan to build a fully or semi-customized business application?
Still! Leveraging Power Automate and utilizing its functionalities is a visible option!

Join Ahmad Najjar for a happy hour on leveraging Power Automate flows with full and semi-custom applications, minimizing the efforts needed for development, adding scalability to the mix, and securing your flows using various techniques…

Power Automate flows could be your “LEGO” building bricks for almost all business applications!


Norina Aichholz & Jan Moritz Gerbracht

Lets Power Automate your Documents

Tired of the cost and time needed to develop custom document solutions? Discover how to effortlessly integrate document generation into your applications with dox42 and Microsoft Power Apps, saving time and resources.

You will learn in this session how to Seamlessly integrate document generation into Power Apps and Flows.

· Generate documents wherever you need them, whether it’s within a Power App, a Power Automate Flow, or directly within Dynamics 365 or SharePoint/Teams.

· Design complex documents with ease using MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, incorporating tables, conditions, barcodes, charts, images, and more.

· Harness the power of multiple data sources, including Dataverse, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 FinOps, CE & BC, Web Services, SQL, and many others.

13:00 Lunch Break 

Stephanie Stasey

My first Power App saved lives, How to design for impact

I built a Power App in the pandemic. As mental health waiting lists spiralled I looked to Power Apps to regularly update people on the list and get them to complete a form, rather than needing to wait for a series of letters in the post. The impact compounded getting people into therapy months sooner, several clients stated that had saved their lives.

Let me share tips and tricks of user centric design, Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma for Service and process mapping to help you 100x the impact of your Power Platform skills. I learned these skills in retail, FMCG and automotive, but I use them in healthcare. They can be applied in any sector.


Suparna Banerjee

Copilot Studio Gen AI Features and Best PracticesIn this era of AI, the most important task of a software developer is to extract the best outcome from AI while using it responsibly and not compromising with the security. In this session I will show how we can rapidly build a custom Copilot using Copilot Studio utilising all of it’s Gen AI features along with the best practices to keep it safe and secure.

Ahmad Najjar

Architecting Your Next Power Platform Project

The Power Platform has expanded over the past few years to touch and impact every area in your organization, from the technical aspects like data, integration, and automation to the human elements like users and adoption.

Therefore, being a Power Platform technical architect is becoming more and more of a daunting task! Wouldn’t it be great if you had guidelines to decide which is the best solution to choose from the Power Platform, which is the best data source to build your solution upon, and what is the best integration scenario to implement to bring your data into a sync harmony?

Join Ahmad Najjar to learn more about choosing the best Power Platform service(s) for your solution, deciding which data source to use to fit the demands best, and how to design and implement integration needs.

17:00 Q&A & Prizes 
TimeSpeakerSessions TitleDescription

Eickhel Mendoza

Power Apps Convergence

When a Power Apps project is presented, one of the first decisions to be made is whether to go down the path of Canvas apps or Model-driven apps. This type of decision is getting closer and closer to disappearing. With the new convergence capabilities for the creation of applications that allow you to include Canvas apps as Model-driven pages, a range of possibilities opens up when creating solutions in Power Platform.


Alaa Bitar

Boosting Productivity with PowerApps: Information from external systems at your fingertipsIn this session, we will explore how PowerApps can seamlessly integrate with external systems. We will dive into the capabilities of custom connectors, which enable PowerApps to communicate with external systems like ServiceNow, Successfactor, SAP etc.

Victor Dantas

Power Pages ProPilot: How to Use Github Copilot to Increase Your Development Productivity

This session focuses on harnessing the power of Power Pages VS Code Copilot to enhance productivity in five key ways:

1 – Efficient Liquid Templating: Learn how to optimize Liquid templating for Power Pages using VS Code Copilot’s AI-driven suggestions, streamlining the development process.

2 – Accelerated JavaScript Development: Discover how to expedite JavaScript development tasks, such as form validation, by leveraging Copilot’s code suggestions tailored to Power Pages projects.

3 – Enhanced Understanding of JavaScript: Utilize Copilot’s AI explanations to gain deeper insights into JavaScript code, empowering you to troubleshoot and customize functionalities effectively.

4 – Seamless HTML Integration: Create HTML code seamlessly integrated with Bootstrap v3 or v5 with the assistance of Copilot, ensuring a responsive and visually appealing design for your Power Pages.

5 – Optimized Web API Calls: Explore how Copilot can facilitate the creation of efficient Power Pages web API calls, enabling smoother integration with external data sources and services.

By mastering these five strategies, attendees will unlock the full potential of Power Pages VS Code Copilot, revolutionizing their productivity in Power Pages development.

13:00 Lunch Break 

Jorgen Shladot

Power FX and Dataverse – Server Side low code logic with Dataverse Accelerator and Power FX columns Server-Side plugins based on .net are an established component of Pro DEV implementations based on the Power Platform or Dynamics 365 CE modules. The Dataverse Accelerator app is currently in the preview and has been activated in all Environments. This allows Power Apps Makers to execute low code Power FX formulas as Server-Side plugin logic on Dataverse.
In this session we look at the possibilities of low code plugins and how they can be implemented in canvas and model driven apps, as well in Power Automate flows.
In addition, Microsoft introduced the Power FX Columns and announced new functionalities with the 2023 Release 2 Wave Update, which might allow Power FX Columns to be used instead of Calculated or Rollup fields

Jon Vöge & Chris Hansen

10 Power FX tricks that you didn’t know you needed

This session is a tour de force through 10 of the most useful formulas and functionalities in Power Apps. You will learn how to combine simple formulas that you already know in new ways, and optimize your use of more complex formulas.

After this session, you will know how to:
– Take advantage of controls in new and innovative ways
– Performance optimize your code
– Reduce duplicate code and improve readability of your code


Ludovic Perrichon

Debugging your Power Platform projectHave you ever encountered bugs in your Power Platform projects? Won’t be good to be notified when an error appears and be able to know exactly what did happen? It sounds like this session is for you. We will give an overview of what you can do to debug your project, specifically with Power Automate Flow and Power Apps Canvas App.
TimeSpeakerSessions TitleDescription

Douglas Romão

Leveraging AI to document our Power Platform solutionsIn this session, we will learn how to leverage OpenAI to help us generate concise documentation for our Power Platform solutions and some scenarios of using this solution.

Ivan Ficko

Flow-tastrophe? Conquer Flows with a smile using Flow Execution History

ver felt like debugging Power Automate flows was a slow-motion marathon? Join me for a session that promises to turbocharge your troubleshooting skills! We’ll reminisce about the days when finding flow hiccups was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Introducing the superhero of debugging tools: “Flow Execution History”! This tool doesn’t just make debugging a breeze, it turns it into a victory lap. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and endless cups of coffee.

Through live demonstrations and real-life goof-ups (I mean scenarios!), you’ll see how this tool transforms you from a flow-fumbler to a flow-fixing maestro.


Oliver Rodriguez

Power Pages: A Deep Dive into Multi Step FormsImplementing forms to interact with Dataverse is probably one of the main features of Power Pages, and Multistep Forms are just a great way to give users that experience.
Whether you are new to Power Pages, or have been working with it for some time, this feature contains many hidden or complex capabilities that sometimes can scare us.
In this session, Oliver will go through everything you need to know about Multistep form, from how to configure a simple 3 steps form to a more complex form with branching, JavaScript logic and session management.
13:00 Lunch Break 

Agnius Bartninkas

Optimizing Power Automate Flows with External Configuration

As the complexity of Power Automate solutions grows, managing configurations becomes pivotal. Learn to elevate your approach by storing configurations externally in a database or a Dataverse table. This not only enhances accessibility over local files but also ensures heightened security, simplified backup procedures, and enables users to adapt settings without tinkering with the core flows or risking to break the structure of config files.

Dive into the technicalities with:
– The Database Approach:
– Explore how to structure and store configurations in a database.
– Implement stored procedures to safeguard configuration integrity.
– Develop a user-friendly interface, granting users the ability to modify values without disrupting the database.

– The Dataverse Table Implementation:
– Uncover the process of configuring and utilizing Dataverse tables for external storage.
– Create seamless connections between Power Automate flows and Dataverse tables.

As well as compare the two approaches in terms of ease of setup, ease of use, performance, security, etc.


Eickhel Mendoza

Dataverse Dataflows as a sync mechanism

There are many ways to load data into Dataverse to be used in our Power Platform solutions, but what if you need to maintain data in sync?

In this session I will showcase how to use dataflows as a sync mechanism from any data source into Dataverse, for example by allowing you to load only new records and not existing ones.


Peter Ruiter

Extending Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Services to make your agents life easier!

In this session, join Peter Ruiter solution architect at Capgemini, as we delve into the world of Dynamics Customer Service empowered by extended Copilot integration.

We will show you how you can extend Copilot to give agents access to data from external systems to really make their lives way more easy by having important data at hand in a conversational way.

Discover how to leverage Copilot’s capabilities to amplify and customize Dynamics 365 Customer Service experiences.

TimeSpeakerSessions TitleDescription

Arpit Shrivastava & Narayan Solanki

Dataverse & Power Pages Security Tips & Best Practices

In this session, attendees will learn about the common security risks that may arise during Dataverse & Power Pages development and discover effective strategies to mitigate these risks. The session will cover various aspects of security, including data protection, authentication, authorization, and secure coding practices. Through practical tips and strategies, attendees will gain insights into how to proactively address security concerns and build secure Power Pages applications that safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential threats. Overall, the goal of this topic is to empower developers and administrators with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance the security posture of their Power Pages projects and mitigate risks effectively.


Diana Birkelbach

How to become a Power Apps Component PCF Developer

Would you like to start developing code components for Power Apps? Maybe you’ve already done Scripting for model-driven apps or even done HTMLWebResources? Or maybe you’re used with low-code, and feel home with PowerFx.
Every experience you have is valuable, and you can take it from there. We’ll talk about:
– Which are the pre-required skills and tools
– PCF basics: from field PCF or dataset PCF to Power Apps Grid customizer control
– Debugging & deployment
– Why React is important for PCF development
– My PCF Rules
– Where to find learning resources
Last but not least, the Platform integration is that what makes the PCF development special compared to classic front-end development. Ready for a few design-patterns challenges?


Betim Beja

Developing PCF with Unit TestingBetim Beja will be developing live a PCF component using Test Driven Development. We will use Jest to write the tests, and StorybookJs to write the stories to make sure our component is well tested and documented. All the tools that will be used are OpenSource. Betim will be showing how @shko.online/componentframework-mock plays a key role in simplifying the process and makes it possible to develop almost offline.
13:00 Lunch Break 

Ivan Ficko

Custom Code ConnectorsDid you know that you can now include C# code inside a custom connector? This opens endless possibilities to achieve tasks that were previously not available in tools like Power Automate. It’s time to utilize your pro developers even more in the low code/ no-code platform space. Join the session to see how can you implement a simple connector that will run only custom code.

Tomas Prokop

Code-first low-code developer workflow with VS Code, CLI, MSBuild and DevOps

Develop, test, debug, deploy, and support your Power Platform workloads efficiently, just as seasoned developers do. Attend this session to discover tried-and-true methods and learn how to expedite your projects.

Boost, automate, and scale your low-code development with:
* Visual Studio Code + MSBuild + Power Platform Extensions
* Power Platform CLI + .NET Template Engine (dotnet new) scaffolding
* Advanced debugging and automated testing techniques
* Multi-layered managed solution design
* Shared .NET and TypeScript libraries
* Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline integration

If you resonate with the following challenges, this session offers solutions:
* High interaction cost – excessive clicking and loading times
* Difficulty in propagating and reverting changes across envs
* Conflicting with changes made by others
* Setting up a project structure and sharing code
* Long wait times for deployments
* Difficulty in managing a suitable versioning system
* Official tools not playing nice together
* Maintaining consistency in multi-developer teams
* Searching through code and refactoring


Tino Rabe

Microsoft Power Pages Low Code IntegrationsLearn how to activate the full potential in Microsoft Power Pages by low code possibilities, such as:
– Copilot Chatbot integration
– Power Automate Flow integration
– DocuSign integration
– Stripe payments integration
– connect with external data sources (e.g. SharePoint) to build web pages
TimeSpeakerSessions TitleDescription

Chime Okure

Navigating the Power Platform Administration Center: Optimizing Your Environment

In this session, the speaker will provide a comprehensive overview of the Power Platform Administration Centre including demos and cover best practices for using the Power Platform Administration Center to maintain an efficient and secure environment. After attending this session, you’ll have a clear understanding of the purpose and benefits of the Power Platform Administration Center.

You’ll also learn of the various functionalities of the Power Platform Administration Center, including user management, security, and compliance.
With these learnings, you’ll be able to implement best practices for using the Power Platform Administration Center to maintain an efficient and secure Power Platform environment.


Wael Hamze

ALM/DevOps for Power Platform

If you are involved in a Power Platform or Dynamics 365 implementation, you probably noticed that there are an increasingly number of options available when it comes to implementing good ALM and DevOps practices. Choosing the right option may not be that obvious. In this session I will discuss the main options available so you can pick the right options for your needs. Live demos will showcase the latest ALM offerings/tools which will help with understanding and give you a good idea of what it is like to setup and use these tools. The goal of the session to help you understand and adopt good ALM practices so you can improve productivity, consistency, quality and satisfaction on your projects.


Katerina Chernevskaya

Kickstarting ALM: Master Environments and Solutions

Kickstarting ALM: Master Environments and Solutions

Begin your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) journey by understanding the fundamentals of environments and solutions. This session is the first step in a series where we’ll explore:
– Different types of environments and their specific roles
– The essentials of Managed environments and their prerequisites
– Effective governance strategies to safeguard your environments
– Various solution types and their applications
By the end, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to set up environments tailored for ALM and be well-prepared to tackle Azure DevOps in our next session.

13:00 Lunch Break 

Katerina Chernevskaya

Azure DevOps Essentials: Power Up Your Project Management

Azure DevOps serves as the operational hub for your ALM strategy, offering tools for code storage, task management, documentation, and process automation. In this session, we will cover:
– Setting up your project in Azure DevOps, including prerequisites
– Leveraging Azure DevOps Wiki for documentation and collaboration via Visual Studio Code
– Configuring Service Connections for seamless pipeline integration
By the end of this session, you’ll be ready to deploy Azure DevOps within your team, boosting productivity and


Katerina Chernevskaya

Streamlining Operations: CI/CD for Efficient Development

CI/CD is crucial for a mature ALM framework, enhancing the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your development cycles. This third session dives into:
– Storing code in the Azure DevOps repository and preparing builds for deployment
– Releasing new solution versions to target environments
– Automating updates for environment variables and connection references during releases
Finish this session equipped to set up and manage pipelines that streamline your development processes, ensuring faster and error-free deployments.


Babak Jafari

Enhancing confidence in your Dataverse plugins and Azure Functions development with Automated Tests‘ll demonstrate how to perform unit and integration tests using relevant frameworks. Additionally, I’ll show you how to automate these tests to uncover any potential issues when adding new features to previously developed functions.
Learn practical automated testing techniques for both unit and integration tests to ensure code reliability before deploying it to Dataverse or the cloud.
TimeSpeakerSessions TitleDescription
PL200Razwan ChoudryPL200 Power Platform Bootcamp 

Arpit Shrivatava & Razwan Choudry

PL400 Power Platform Developer Bootcamp 
Power Pages BootcampVictor Dantas & Arpit ShrivastavaPower Pages Bootcamp 
Power Automate Bootcamp Matt WestonPower Automate Bootcamp 
HackathonRazwan Choudry & Narayan Solanki  
Event Team

Sheryl Netley

Alexio Chandiwana

Tim Leung

Parvez Ghumra


Power platform Developer Power Summit

Power Summit is a Free Power Platform Developer Community Conference Providing 7 Tracks of sessions including Enterprise Transformation, Power Apps, Power Automate, A.I., Advanced Development, Power Platform ALM and Administration. Also include Hands on Bootcamp Focused on Learning How to Deploy your Power Platform Enterprise Solutions using ALM / Devops Techniques

*This Year we have introduced a small £15 admin fee to confirm attendance. This is to help prevent non attendances affecting the limited event places & catering.

25th May

Power automate bootcamp

This is a day-long workshop delivery by Microsoft MVP and MCT Matt Weston with lots of practical exercises to really get a feel for Power Automate and prepare for PL-7002: Create and Manage Automated Processes using Power Automate certification.

This is the Microsoft Official Course for learning the required skills to prepare for the Applied Skills Certification assessment. 

24th May

Power Pages Bootcamp

This is a day-long hands on workshop delivered by Microsoft MVP and MCTs Arpit Shrivastava & Victor Dantas with lots of practical exercises in building customer portals with Power Pages. 

24th May

PL 400 developer crash course

A 2 Day Crash Course in Power Platform Advanced Development to help prepare you for the PL400 Certification delivered by Microsoft MVPs & MCT Arpit Shrivastava and Razwan Choudry

22-23rd May

Hackathon - AI Power platform

The Hackathon starts on Friday 24th May with the primary objective of providing a hands on experience of building solutions with the Power Platform and AI to solve real world challenges. The winning team will be selected at Power Summit on Saturday at 5pm. You will be guided to build Low Code Solutions with Power Platform using AI with one to one support from Microsoft MVP Razwan Choudry.

24th May

PL 200 consultant crash course

A 2 Day Crash Course in Power Platform to help you prepare for the PL200 Power Platform Associate Consultant Certification Delivered By Microsoft MVP’s & MCT’s Razwan Choudry & Narayan Solanki

20-21st May

Power Platfrom transformation

Enterprise Transformation with the Power platform showcases how industry problems are solved with power platform solutions.

  • How to deliver Industry solutions with the Power Platform
  • How to leverage AI into your processes
  • How to rollout Scalable solutions across your organisation
  • User Adoption
  • Project Delivery Best Practices
  • How to achieve ROI and Organisation readiness for a cloud first SaaS  
Power Apps Development

Discover how to deliver power apps solutions for your organisation from the ground up from low code development working with both Canvas apps and Model Driven Power Apps to deliver customised Bespoke UX, Business Logic, Data Integrations, Security, Performance leveraging AI and more! 

  • Canvas App Development
  • Model Driven Power Apps
  •  PowerFX Functions, 
  • APP UX Design
  • Data Modelling
  • Integrating Data Sources and APIs
  • Custom Controls
  • Security & Accessibility
  • Collaborative App Development
Automation & A.I.

Learn Low code development techniques using Power Automate and A.I.

  • How to replace code with Power Automate
  • Build complex enterprise scale power automate solutions
  • Error Handling and Failure
  • How to manage Complex Branching and Logic
  • How to  leverage A.I. in your automation solutions
  • Leverage Copilot and ChatGPT in your Solutions
Advanced Development

learn how to overcome edge cases of low code develoment with advanced development for Power Platform allowowing you to build custom PCF Controls, Javascript and .Net  

Learn how to develop Power Apps Custom PCF Controls 

.Net Plugins & Javascript

Unit testing Code

Complex Data modelling & Integrations

Azure Functions

Asynchronous and Synchronous development patterns



ALM & Administration

Low code application lifecycle management and Devops is critical for large enterprise solutions especially when working with large project teams collectively  

  • Deploy your Power Platform solutions from Dev to UAT and Production
  • How to setup your configuration variables for deployments
  • How to structure your solution layers
  • How to manage your Dataverse environments