Power Summit

Microsoft Power Platform

low code Developer Power summit

May 25th 2024

Power Platform Low Code Power Summit 2024

Microsoft Power Platform

low code Developer summit

May 25th 2024

Power Platform Low Code Power Summit 2024

Whos Attending
Power Summit

Power Summit is a free Power Platform Community Conference for you and your staff to learn low code development & A.I. to solve your organisational challenges. The training sessions are delivered by world leading experts in low code power platform development sharing insights and tips to help you succeed with digital transformation. Power Summit aims to demystify the complexities of enterprise processes and Power Platform development using fun & creative learning techniques inspired from lego and star wars to provide a fun day of insight driven learning for technology professionals.

System Users, Employees & Students

Whether you are an employee  looking to improve productivity, or an analyst trying to streamline processes. Power community  has helped over 30,000 folks just like you to launch your careers into I.T. and succeed within the Microsoft Power Platform.

IT Administrators

Your responsibility of managing and the ever evolving cloud infrastructure, ensuring users and data security is maintained whilst firefighting incidents to keep your business operations running .

Developers , Makers & Master Builders

Whether you are just getting started as a developer or you are a seasoned developer you will learn the dark arts to get your solutions working o the first attemps!

Solution Architects

If you are responsible for designing  and orchestrating your organisations enterprise solutions, improving process efficiencies and development ALM standards 

CEO's & Project Managers

Responsible for making the strategic decisions that will have long term consequences for all your customers and employees is not a task for the faint hearted. You will get the insights you need to make the most well informed strategic decisions on your transformation strategy. 

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Our Microsoft Sponsors are key event partners that enable us to make this conference free to you  

Power Summit Agenda
25th May 2024

The Low Code Power Summit Agenda will be focused on addressing how to deliver low code enterprise solutions with a particular emphasis on Power Apps Development, Power Platform ALM  and Enterprise Transformation. 

Power Platfrom transformation

Enterprise Transformation with the Power platform showcases how industry problems are solved with power platform solutions.

  • How to deliver Industry solutions with the Power Platform
  • How to leverage AI into your processes
  • How to rollout Scalable solutions across your organisation
  • User Adoption
  • Project Delivery Best Practices
  • How to achieve ROI and Organisation readiness for a cloud first SaaS  
Power Apps Development

Discover how to deliver power apps solutions for your organisation from the ground up from low code development working with both Canvas apps and Model Driven Power Apps to deliver customised Bespoke UX, Business Logic, Data Integrations, Security, Performance leveraging AI and more! 

  • Canvas App Development
  • Model Driven Power Apps
  •  PowerFX Functions, 
  • APP UX Design
  • Data Modelling
  • Integrating Data Sources and APIs
  • Custom Controls
  • Security & Accessibility
  • Collaborative App Development
Automation & A.I.

Learn Low code development techniques using Power Automate and A.I.

  • How to replace code with Power Automate
  • Build complex enterprise scale power automate solutions
  • Error Handling and Failure
  • How to manage Complex Branching and Logic
  • How to  leverage A.I. in your automation solutions
  • Leverage Copilot and ChatGPT in your Solutions
Advanced Development

learn how to overcome edge cases of low code develoment with advanced development for Power Platform allowowing you to build custom PCF Controls, Javascript and .Net  

Learn how to develop Power Apps Custom PCF Controls 

.Net Plugins & Javascript

Unit testing Code

Complex Data modelling & Integrations

Azure Functions

Asynchronous and Synchronous development patterns



ALM & Administration

Low code application lifecycle management and Devops is critical for large enterprise solutions especially when working with large project teams collectively  

  • Deploy your Power Platform solutions from Dev to UAT and Production
  • How to setup your configuration variables for deployments
  • How to structure your solution layers
  • How to manage your Dataverse environments


Power platform Developer Power Summit

Free Power Platform Developer Community Conference Providing 6 Tracks of sessions including Enterprise Transformation, Power Apps, Power Automate, A.I., Advanced Development, Power Platform ALM and Administration. Also include Hands on Bootcamp Focused on Learning How to Deploy your Power Platform Enterprise Solutions using ALM / Devops Techniques

25th May

Power automate bootcamp

A Full Days Hands On Bootcamp focused on Learning Low Code Development with Power Automate

24th May

Power pages bootcamp

A Full Day Hands On Bootcamp to Learn how to build Customer Web Portals using Low Code Power Pages

24th May

PL 400 developer crash course

A 2 Day Crash Course in Power Platform Advanced Development to help prepare you for the PL400 Certification delivered by Microsoft MVPs & MCT’s!

22-23rd May

PL 200 consultant crash course

A 2 Day Crash Course in Power Platform to help you prepare for the PL200 Power Platform Associate Consultant Certification Delivered By Microsoft MVP,s & MCTS!

20-21st May